I am a fan of experimenting in the kitchen and most of it turns out good.

So on the insistence of my hubby I thought i’d put it out to the world so that we can all share the joy of food and here I am with my very first post 🙂

Jerk Chicken. Its tasty and succulent. You should try it.

As per my research, traditionally this is made on the grill, but I tried it in the oven and it came out great.My next attempt will be to try it on a grill and I will let you know how that turns out.

I was browsing you tube for recipes and I came across the word All Spice – initially I thought that it was a mixture of spices like the Indian Garam Masala, but it is a single berry which has a flavor of 2-3 different spices like cloves and nutmeg etc.

“One dried berry with multiple flavors” caught my attention and as my research continued I stumbled upon the Jerk chicken recipe. I went through quite a few websites and after reading all the comments, this is finally what I used to make the chicken in the picture above .

This is from Carribeanpot by Chris. Thanks Chris, this turned out really amazing. NO LEFT OVERS.

The only difference is I crisped up the chicken –  skin side down before I put it in the oven, that way you get your crispy skin and the juices are all sealed in.

Let me know if you guys want to know about the recipe I used for Spicy Tangy coleslaw and the herbed mashed potatoes.